werewolf 212

15 Aug 2019 03:06 by Master Waterfall
Come here young ones dont be scared Im not what your thinking atlas you need to know my tale, I was once like you free and young but than a curse was set upon me turned me in to the beast you see, the one whom is cursed to live as a wolf, ever full moon you dont know do you ? young kid ? the pain ? the loneliness ? the sorrow ? , of course not, as your happy and free not many come here much less come to visit me. Why come here are you lost ? stay the night or just wanting to talk ? well Its been years sense that day I was shunned hrph, they say the have no secrets but thats a lie. The shunned me left me to die well young one I survived. lost an arm and a leg to a hunter yet im alive. I long to return and live the life I had, I was once a family man till they found out than my son paid the price I- I watched what they did to him he to was a werewolf