Angry Birds meets River City Ransom

11 Dec 2018 03:50 by Julian
I know, two species of animals, both with anger problems, but one's a man, and the other one's a Bird. These two fellows got sucked into a mystic portal, and entered...the white void.
They now cease to exist, until the proper event can happen to bring them back to their own worlds, or each other's world.
Alex: "What are you looking at, you red-feathered punk?!"
Red: Cuh-CAW! AHH HEYANAR! RuhHeh! (odd and original Angry Birds red bird sounds)
Julian - 07 Dec 2018 03:09
will anyone favorite this?
Julian - 07 Dec 2018 04:03
#Crap Just Got Real
Julian - 07 Dec 2018 17:52
thank you Bucwah! #MERRYCHRISTMAS
Julian - 10 Dec 2018 19:05
#Crap Just Got Serious O_O
Ugandan Knuckles - 10 Dec 2018 23:07
ok cool this is grandpasuzie
Julian - 10 Dec 2018 23:19
Reply to davidwilliamsjan1:
thats nice