Cat OC

11 Jan 2019 23:28 by Lezik Zync
Name: Zenar
Gender: Female
Species: Abyssinian
Age: around 7-8 (would be more in cat years)
Ability: control fire
Desc: "mrrr... well, we got ourselves a visitor do we? there's not much details i need from you. hmm? you want to know about meow? well... name's Zenar, i'm 7-8... that's 44-48 in cat years. so i'm experienced to say the least... i control fire, as you could probably tell by the burning fire on my head. does it hurt? not at all my dear. it's actualy quite pleasing. here, have a touch... doesn't burn your hands... only unless i feel threatend... oh? you want to know about my past? well... i'm affraid you've wasted enough of your time... your food is getting cold... better eat up darling."