The Aftermath: Slick's defeat

13 Jan 2019 00:02 by Julian
Alex gets shocked half to death by Slick. But Alex is holding Slick in his fists, smashing him against a wall...Eventually Alex puts Slick in a vat of lava, and incinerates the evil that turned our valiant hero...
Red: Father?
Roxy: Alex?!
Slick: WAIT! I was wrong to---
Alex: NO! You'll not say another word...THIS...Ends here and now, AS I'VE SAID BEFORE! NYAAAAAAAA!
Slick: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (insert sizzling sounds here)
Alex tumbles over after being shocked severely...
Roxy: Honey? Are you...OK?
Alex: Red...Come here...Now.
Red: Father?
Alex: You were right about me...And Roxy was too...
Roxy: It was all part of my plan, you see, I knew Slick would turn your father against you, so I joined only to avoid being killed and to actually gain some background information on what Slick's plans were...
Red: So dad never was evil?
Roxy: Actually yes he was...But not anymore...C'mon, let's get him to a hostpital...WE'VE GOT TO CELEBRATE VICTORY!
Red: Okay Mom, just calm the heck down...PUHLEASE!