Godzilla Vs. Sheldon Plankton

23 Oct 2019 02:56 by ­čÄ«Artist Unknown­čô║
I might make a Godzilla Vs. drawing series
Julian - 23 Oct 2019 03:41
I don't know why, but just...freaking awesome!
­čÄ«Artist Unknown­čô║ - 23 Oct 2019 12:32
Reply to Julian:
In case you didn't know, why Plankton is giant and has lazer eye is because I was referencing to the 1999 episode "Sleepy Time". It's the episode where Spongebob ,from his dream, is traveling to his friend's dreams, and Plankton's dream was that he was giant, has lazer eye, and he's destroying Bikini Bottom.
Julian - 23 Oct 2019 12:35
Reply to Artist Unknown:
ok, that;s gotta be the best reference I've seen period
Drift - 23 Oct 2019 17:48