Axol the Alakazam OC

09 Sep 2019 18:18 by Julian
J's third blood kin brother, not one to pick a fight with anybody involved in war, unless his life is threatened. Axol is by far, the most peaceful of J's family, he remained on mars for 19 years until he was called to earth by accident, on earth, his next chapter in life began as a soldier in the U.S Navy...Secretly hidden from J and Keystone, Axol secretly conducted a series of experiments with the humans' blood samples, and that of Axol's own blood...and so began, martian / human blood mixes...
Julian - 10 Aug 2019 05:13
yes he is trying to give a thumbs up, not flip anyone off, so don't jump to those conclusion that he is a nasty son of a gun
Julian - 26 Sep 2019 16:52
Axol is the indecisive child of his family, he has the hard time making a choice, whether good or bad